High Value Retail Security: Everyone’s Returning to the High Streets - Including Thieves.

It’s been one month since High Value Retail and Jewellery stores were able to reopen their in person stores again after Lockdown 3. Many took a financial hit since the pandemic began, especially smaller businesses without a significant online presence. Fortunately there has been a backlog of customers who value the in store jewellery shopping experience returning to the to the high street to keep them afloat. However, they’re not the only ones returning. Is your store secure enough to withstand an attack in such a crucial time of trading?

People back out on the highstreet in their masks after the ease of lockdown 3

Modern Problems Require Secure Solutions

The pandemic has thrown us all through a loop with guidelines and rules constantly changing and lockdowns easing and restricting. Finally it looks like we will be emerging from the other end but we’re not quite there yet. There are a few guidelines we still need to follow that could put high value retail stores at risk.

The first is one we have seen consistently throughout the pandemic – masks. Face coverings have been a crucial part in preventing the spread of Covid-19 but they also make a person hard to identify. During business hours anyone could enter your store in their mask and scope out any weak spots in your store’s security for a later attack. This is extremely hard to combat so ensuring your store doesn’t have any weak spots should be a priority.

The second is more of an allowance than a guideline, however it still comes with risks. Stores are allowed to be open until 10pm, this is so you can bring in every customer you usually would but in a socially distanced manner. If your store is shutting at 10pm, you will be locking up for the night in the dark. The main risk with this is your safety. Always ensure there is more than one member of staff locking up and no one person carries every key needed to get into the store. We would advise against using all of these extra hours, and instead suggest you use a couple and ensure the shop is locked up before it gets dark. 

How Warrior Doors Can Help

At Warrior Doors we have been working in High Value Retail security for over a decade. Our high-security doors have stopped countless armed robberies, ram-raid attacks and burglaries. As a result protecting both lives and livelihoods.

We want to make sure that your business stays in business which is why we offer a free security evaluation of your premises where we will let you know of any weak spots your store may have and advise you on how to resolve them.

Warrior High Security Swing Door & Shopfront

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If you would like to request a security evaluation or just speak to a member of our team please give us a call on 0121 706 8400 or email us at [email protected]

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