How a Robbery Affects Jewellery Shop Staff

The chaos of an armed jewellery shop robbery is a nightmare scenario for managers and owners.

Furthermore, dealing with a trashed and looted shop and the potential of hiked insurance premiums is a major challenge to business continuity.

However difficult the former, looking after a shop’s most precious assets – its staff – should be the immediate priority.

Following a robbery, it is possible that staff may have been physically injured. But it is the mental trauma of such an event that will be hardest to deal with. It could take months for them to recover from the harmful experience.

Therefore, as a business gets back on its feet after a jewellery shop robbery, investing in the wellbeing of its staff is key. For instance, a business may want to consider providing counselling support for those who were present when the attack happened.

Warrior Fully Glazed Interlocking Swing Doors & Screens

Hostile Reconnaissance

Undeniably, an armed robbery is a harmful event. Unfortunately, we come across this type of crime all too often.

Jewellers and other high value retailers are prime targets for criminals. Especially if their doors and shopfronts are not robust enough to stand up to armed attack.

Criminals will often conduct hostile reconnaissance beforehand to assess a shop’s potential weaknesses.

Preventative Over Reactive Measures

This is why at Warrior Doors, we much prefer to put in place a preventive measure, rather than a reactive one after the event. Our high security doors, shopfronts and entrance systems are the perfect defence to keep a shop’s staff, stock, and customers safe and secure.

Over the years we have installed hundreds of our doors and solutions for businesses both in the UK and abroad. Armed robbers have attempted and failed many times to get past our products. Subsequently, ending up empty handed, but most importantly not getting inside.

Protect Your Staff and Business Today

In summary, we encourage Jewellers and other high value retailers to act now to make sure they their businesses are secure from the threat of an armed jewellery shop robbery.  Furthermore, to keep their staff safe and well.

If you would like to discuss protecting your store, please give our Technical Sales team a call today on 0121 706 8400, or email us at [email protected]

A photo of a Warrior Shopfront.

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