How ram-raid attacks can be prevented

Ram-raid attacks are becoming more common

Ram-Raid attacks are a very real, terrifying threat to YOUR jewellery business and are on the increase! Warrior Doors are all too familiar with the devastation caused by one of these raids having witnessed several in recent months.

Our objective on how ram-raid attacks can be prevented is to constantly remain a few steps ahead of the criminals who carry out these attacks and over the last five years we have been designing and fitting vehicle mitigation systems in order to reduce the effectiveness of such an attack.

Recently, audacious ram-raiders repeatedly rammed into a jewellers on one of Birmingham’s busiest streets in broad daylight. Shocking CCTV footage shows a pick-up truck repeatedly ramming into the shop while the general public looks on in despair. An armed masked gang pulled up outside the shop while two other cars blocked off the road in both directions before getting away with a substantial amount of stock. 

Whether you are one of many jewellers’ shops that currently has a Warrior Door installed but has no vehicle mitigation in place or a business interested in enhancing shopfront security please contact Warrior Doors to schedule a FREE security review worth £600.00*

A Warrior Door security review will not only help how ram-raid attacks can be prevented but also help you in determining the needs necessary to comply with upcoming new government policy. The Protect Duty will apply to all public-access buildings and will be a mandatory requirement for all new developments in the UK.

Train your staff in personal security awareness with our FREE Security Webinars

While it’s critical to put in place measures that prevent attacks in the first place, it’s also essential to train employees on what to do if a burglary occurs during the day. Our FREE Security Webinars led by our Technical Security Advisor Simon Cham will educate insider knowledge on keeping your business or site secure.

*Warrior Doors will first look at your present door and shopfront installation using photographs and preliminary measurements you provide, and then do a physical survey with a comprehensive report where necessary.

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