The Importance of School Security

The importance of school security has become a growing concern due to recent alarming changes in our society. While gun crime, child exploitation and others issues may seem a world away, in reality they could be much closer.

In some educational institutions intruders are able to wander in and out of the premises as they please. Undoubtedly, this is due to access to buildings not being considered seriously enough within risk assessments.

Certainly some security provisions can be seen as excessive (this often depends on the institution). For example, measures such as bag checking or metal detectors as seen in schools across the United States. However, there are of course other standard solutions available,  such as a perimeter, surveillance and access control that are essential.

Blue Warrior Double School Security Door taken from the inside. Glass panels revealing the school playground outside. Green push to exit bars for easy visibility.

Parental Concern

Students and teachers have a right to feel safe and secure within their place of work and study. Furthermore, they should be confident that if danger should arise that they have the appropriate security measures in place. As a result keeping everyone inside secure.

Parents also come into the equation too. A parent should feel reassured that when their child attends school or college that they will be safe due to level of security in the building.

Security Entrance Systems

Sadly, there have been cases recently reported where intruders have been able to get into schools breaching their security. Surprisingly, this is can be an easy task for such an intruder. If there is not a main reception area with anyone present to administer who is coming and going out, they can simply walk in. This tends to be the case especially when there is no secure key card or fob access.

Perhaps the highest priority for a school or college is installing the right entry-system to for the building. Enabling staff to monitor and control who goes in and out of the school premises is critical.

The ideal entry system would include a containment area where visitors can enter a reception room. When inside the containment area staff will be able to confirm the legitimate reasons they have for visiting the school. Of course, authorised personnel are able to gain access through using a secure fob or key card.

Keeping Educational Buildings Secure

Our stainless-steel high security doors and solutions are all completely bespoke and are well suited for educational security.

We design our products with both the location and building in mind, and they can be made in a variety of sizes and colours. We also fit them with secure glazing panels. Not only do the securely glazed panels act to keep people safe, but the also allow light to flow through, providing natural surveillance for staff.

You can take a look at our communal entrances appropriate for educational institutions by clicking here.

Despite the strength and robust nature of our doors, they are not difficult for for those with approved, such as students or teacher, access to use. Furthermore, we are able to adapt them to be suitable for those with disability and accessibility requirements.

White Warrior Door with 2 glass panels surrounded by 3 glass Warrior Security Screens. Welcome to Yew Tree Primary School poster stuck to the glass. Small table to the left of the door with a reception sign in book and a pen.
Warrior Safety Screen built into a reception at a school

If you could like to learn more about the importance of school security please call us today on 0121 706 8400. Alternatively, email us at [email protected]

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