Lambeth Palace Library: Securing The Largest Religious Collection Outside of The Vatican

Lambeth Palace Library contains an unrivalled collection of precious books and manuscripts, documenting over 1000 years of the ecclesiastical and cultural life of the Church and Great Britain.

The collections within the library hold more than just monetary value, they hold the value of history and knowledge. The information kept there needs to be secure for future generations to read and learn. At Warrior Doors we were delighted to provide that level of security.

books on display inside Lambeth Palace Library

About Lambeth Palace Library

Lambeth Palace Library is the historic library and record office of the Archbishops of Canterbury and the principal repository of the documentary history of the Church of England. It was founded in 1610 and since then its collections have been open to the public for research.

The records held date from the 9th century. James I described the Library as ‘a monument of fame’ in his kingdom. Peter the Great, who visited in 1698, is recorded as saying that nothing in England astonished him as much as Lambeth Palace Library; he had never thought there were so many books in all the world.

Previously the collections were held in cramped conditions across 20 rooms within the Grade I listed Palace buildings until recently when the new library was built. The new library will allow for the Church of England Record Centre (CERC) collections to be secured there. Making the library an even greater place to research the history of Britain.

Lambeth Palace Library from outside

How Warrior Doors Have Helped

Lambeth Palace Library was specified to LPS 1175 SR3 and they knew that they wanted sliding doors. They found Warrior Doors upon learning that we have the only fully glazed LPS 1175 SR3 Sliding Door on the market. We designed, manufactured and installed two bespoke sliding doors into the new library which greatly complimented the fantastic architecture of the building as well as providing the security that they needed. 

High Security Sliding doors are ideal for anywhere that has a lot of footfall as well as high value property e.g. art galleries. The more secure a door is the heavier it will become. The sliding mechanism means that at no point will a visitor have to pull open a door of that weight but you are still able to have the high level of security that you require. 

Another benefit of sliding doors is that they are contactless. As we have seen with the recent Covid-19 pandemic, limiting touchpoints is vital in keeping places clean and hygienic. Doors and door handles are one of the most commonly used touchpoints especially in places with a lot of footfall. The sliding door negates the need to touch the door and therefore limits the spread of germs within premises.

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