Warrior Doors Passes LPS 2081 Testing with Flying Colours

At Warrior Doors we are going from strength to strength. We are delighted to announce our latest testing with BRE has been successful. As a result our fully glazed communal entrance swing doors are now certified to LPS 2081. Furthermore, they are now Secured by Design approved and listed as well.

With over 20 years’ experience working alongside the social housing sector, we understand specification for this market. It is very different to the requirements to what is needed for high-security. For example, doors for social housing need to be robust enough to survive vandalism and everyday wear and tear. It is also important that communal doors offer virtually zero on-going maintenance. Obviously this is aside from yearly testing and servicing. Ensuring both longevity and cost effectiveness. Of course important to social housing clients.

Fully Glazed Sliding interlock in a community centre.

LPS 2081: Testing Stealth

LPS 2081 is a new standard created by LPCB at BRE. The standard sits between LPS 1175 SR2 and PAS24, and is ideal for social housing. LPS 2081 specifically evaluates the resistance to unauthorised access by various security products. In particular when intruders are using the means of stealth. The standard specifies 2 grades of security. These relate to the tools used and the time taken by intruders. For instance where they try to avoid making noise.

The noise aspect is the key to this standard. Furthermore, it is a factor which sets it apart from LPS 1175 SR2. It links with the types of vandalism which we have found to be major issues for social housing providers.

A Day of Testing

Our door was put through rigorous testing regime at BRE’s test centre in Watford. Both our technical team and Managing Director Brett Barratt were in attendance.

The day of testing started with our team setting up the frame on a test rig. They then assembled the door to the frame while connecting the locks to the control panel. In addition, the test procedures were then explained by BRE with drawings and door measurements confirmed. To complete the set-up, the locks were then tested to ensure they were aligned correctly and functioning properly.

16 tests in total were carried out as part of LPS 2081.The tests focussed on accessing different areas of the door, frame, lock and glass. Each with designated tools and to specific timeframes.

Ideal for Social Housing Specification

Our door which was awarded LPS 2081 certification is fully glazed, utilizing 11.5mm anti-bandit glass in a stainless steel frame. This is specifically the type of door ideally suited for a social housing specification. The door also comprises a maglock locking system, ideal again for social housing communal entrances. These types of locks are a great solution for this sector as they have no mechanical moving parts. Thus ensuring any malfunction is minimised.

We are really proud that the door has achieved LPS 2081 accreditation, as well as being listed and approved by Secured By Design. It is really important for our social housing clients that we can provide solutions that are cost effective and specific to their requirements.

BRE Tester hitting Warrior Door with a sledgehammer. Glass shows cracks but no holes.
Fully Glazed Auto-Operated Door & Screen with rainbow drawing stuck to window in a care home.

Call our team today on 0121 706 8400 for more information on how we can tackle anti-social behaviour in your community. Alternatively, email us at [email protected].

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