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‘Martyn’s Law’ - The Protect Duty demands accountability

The Protect Duty delivers on a government commitment to improve the safety and security of public venues and spaces, drawing on lessons learned from previous terrorist incidents, but particularly the Manchester Arena attack.

Which is why it is often also known as Martyn’s Law, after Martyn Hett, one of the victims one of the victims from the Manchester Arena attack. Martyns mum, Figen Murray, has been a key driver behind improving security at arenas and more widely, public spaces

On 10 January the government published its response to the Protect Duty public consultation, which ran from 26 February to 2 July 2021 and Home Secretary Pritti Patel announced in the House of Commons a summary document on the consultation is available on the website (it’s 50-pages)

Exactly what the Law looks like and how it is to operate, is unknown, although many are putting their views forward, us included!

Having taken part in and reviewing the public consultation document from the website, there are five distinct areas which perhaps indicate where the focus might be around the forthcoming new law

In our current virtual presentation offering on the Protect Duty and our developing in-person offering at our factory, we examine each of these five areas in turn and some additional aspects, to better appreciate if we are ready for what may be coming down the line in regards the Protect Duty: is your business going to suffer a shock when it comes in?

Essentially, we have scheduled slots every Tuesday morning for the Protect Duty and other fixed slots for the communal door modules (other presentations may become scheduled, but for now are ‘ad-hoc’ and according to demand etc)

To book a place on our Protect Duty virtual presentation (or any of our other virtual offerings) visit our dedicated web-page: or email [email protected] to negotiate delivery outside of those scheduled

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