Tips on How to Remain Calm During a Robbery

Would you know how to remain calm during a robbery? No one ever wants to encounter a robbery. However, if you work in a high value retail environment, such as a jewellery shop, it makes sense to prepare. Here are 6 key tips so that you know what to do if one takes place.

Importantly, you should always remember that no amount of jewellery, valuables or cash is worth endangering your life for. Ultimately people cannot be replaced.

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So, what should you do if you are victim to a retail robbery? Here are 6 Key Tips

  1. Stay Calm: Sure, it is Easier said than done. However your customers and colleagues will be relying on you to stay calm. In addition to staying calm you should do as you are told. There is no need to act the  hero.
  2. Stay Quiet and Out of Sight: If you are in another part of the store when the robbery is taking place, stay out of sight and stay quiet. However, do not activate the panic alarms or it could result in a hostage situation if the police arrive while the robbers are still inside.
  3. Lock the Doors, Call the Police: As soon as the robbers have left the premises you must act quickly. Lock the doors and call the emergency services. Do not touch anything because you need the crime scene to be intact for a police investigation.
  4. Do Not Let Anyone Leave the Shop: Firstly, you do not know if there are more robbers waiting outside. They could be armed and leaving the shop could put customers and staff in harms way.
  5. Ask Everyone Involved to Write Notes about the Robbery: It is importantly that after the event that your staff and customers note down what they remember. A description or a robber, their accent etc. will help give the police a clear picture of what took place. However, try not to immediately talk to each other about it, as it may influence your memories and recollections.
  6. Seek Help: Victims and bystanders of an armed robbery be traumatised for months and even years after such an event. It is best to seek professional help and counselling as soon as you can for you and your colleagues. 

Three Stages of a Robbery Security Webinar

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