Safe Rooms: Are you Safe from Burglary?

At Warrior Doors we consistently stress the importance of Safe Room Doors for High Value Retail Stores and domestic housing that may be a target for burglary, however what can you do if you don’t have a room that is suitable for the job in your building’s existing structure?

A safe room, otherwise known as a panic room, is a fortified room which provides a safe space for inhabitants of a building in the event of a burglary. Storing very high value items is also a common use for them in domestic settings.

Is a Safe Room right for you?

If you are a high value retailer the answer to this question is always yes. A safe room is an extra layer of security in the event of a burglary. Should a criminal break into your store it is important to get yourself, your staff and your customers into a panic room to prevent the worst case scenario of somebody getting hurt or even killed.

We have also recently seen a rise in attacks on high value retailers in their homes. With Jewellery stores and boutiques shut due to Covid-19 robbers know that stock is no longer kept there. We have seen a huge increase in these criminals following store owners home and breaking in in an attempt to steal high value items or worse, to kidnap family members to hold to ransom. This is not exclusive to high value retailers though, any domestic property that is known to contain high value items is a potential target for this type of crime and should be fitted with a secure safe room to protect these items, yourselves and your family.

Warrior Fully Glazed Safe Room Door behind a Jewellery Shop counter

Safe Room Doors

In most cases there will already be a room inside the premises that can be used as a safe room. In this case you will only need to upgrade the door and any windows that lead into the room. We design our Safe Room Doors to be either fully-glazed, solid stainless-steel or a combination of the two. In all instances we would especially recommend buying a door with a secure vision panel. 

Our High Value Retail swing doors act as a foundation, but with some additional modifications. However, we do not fit a door closer as the door must remain open. Additionally, you can choose to have a full width horizontal D handle fitted to increase the speed in which you close the door behind you.

Alongside its strong and secure framework, a variety of secure locking options can be installed to provide you with optimal security. Furthermore, our locking options are easy for you to use. For instance, they can be set to deadlock automatically, or can be easily locked by quickly throwing thumb turns when pulling the door shut.


In a premises where there isn’t already a suitable safe room, perhaps an open plan store or home, we are able to create one using our Warrior Enclosures. We use multiple screens to create these bespoke rooms. These screens can be full stainless-steel panels, fully glazed panels or a combination of both. Warrior Enclosures are certified up to security rating LPS 1175 SR4. 

Enclosures and Safe Room Doors are completely bespoke to your premises, both can be powder coated to any RAL colour of your choice or left with a brushed stainless-steel finish. A combination of these two products provides a secure and aesthetically pleasing panic room for your home or store.

3D Rendered Image of a Warrior Enclosure

Are you interested in a Warrior Safe Room Door or Enclosure? If so email us at [email protected] or call 0121 7068400. Alternatively, you can view our catalogue of High Value Retail security products by clicking here.

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