Security with Style: Designing Out the Fortress Mentality

Designing out the fortress mentality. You may ask yourself: what do we mean by that? Simply put a door does not have to be an ugly and unwelcoming entrance to a communal block. It can be an effective piece of security with style.

After 20 plus years in business we have seen the sorry state of communal entrance doors in many areas of the UK. Sadly, there are plenty of not fit for purpose doors in front of the entrances to people’s communities, and thus their homes. However, this need not be the case.

Our doors will change the way your tenants and stakeholders see your property. Warrior Doors’ Communal Entrances design out crime, but never character.

Furthermore, the secure anti-bandit glass we use lets in light and colour, while considerable durability is achieved without visible welds. Therefore your building does not need to look like a fortress to be safe and secure; showing instead your values as a social landlord or property manager.

Fully Glazed Residential Communal Entrance Door

The Importance of Tenant Satisfaction

The Chartered Institute of Housing reports that tenant satisfaction ratings will have more weight in Audit Commission reviews. This means that how your property looks and feels is more important for housing associations, trusts and charities.

Warrior Doors have over 20 years’ experience working to keep both landlords and tenants happy with our solutions. Because if one has a problem, ultimately the other will as well.

Safety and security will always be paramount to the Warrior Doors team. Manufactured from Grade 304 stainless-steel Warrior Doors can always meet or exceed the standards, whatever your requirements may be.

Our communal security doors go even further. Moreover, we design them to withstand daily wear and tear as well as vandalism and forced entry attempts. For example, our full-length hinges ensure the door does not drop, working as reliably as when we fitted it.

Every door is backed with a 10 year warranty, while each door leaving our site is expertly constructed saving our customers unwanted maintenance costs over the years. Overall, we feel safe to say we provide our customers security with style.

Please call our team today to discuss our communal entrance doors. Alternatively, email us at [email protected].

Fully Glazed Warrior Communal Entrance Door & Screen on a Communal Residential Building

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