University Accommodation: Doors for Dorms

The academic year is coming to an end this June and on average 70% of student accommodation is empty during the holiday period. Have you considered using this time to make improvements to the security of your block?

Crime & Students

Students are known to be at high risk for all crime, not just domestic burglary. It is estimated that 30% of students will fall victim to a crime while at university. Burglary makes up 22% of those crimes.

Today, students have more high value consumer goods per head than the rest of the population; 85% own a computer or laptop, 86% have a phone and many have their own TV. Over three times as many students own high value goods compared to 10 years ago. Police research shows that students are the most targeted section of society by criminals and this is likely due to the knowledge that they will have these items that are easy to sell on for a decent profit without being caught.

Students who have been victims of burglary generally lived in accommodation with fewer security measures so what can you do to help prevent these crimes?

four students sat on the floor each holding a high value device

How Warrior Doors Can Help

At Warrior Doors we have over 20 years of experience producing doors for communal living spaces. Manufactured from high quality stainless-steel, our communal entrance doors and solutions are perfect for securing buildings from vandalism, break-ins and other anti-social behaviour.

Further to a higher level of security, our Communal Entrances are both durable and cost effective. As a result, saving our customers thousands of pounds in repair and maintenance costs over the lifetime of their door or product.

So far in over 20 years of business, every communal entrance door that we have installed is still in place. This is due to none ever failing or being replaced.

As well as being highly secure, our doors look great too. Through the use of security glazing our communal entrance doors maximize light and aesthetics without compromising on security. In addition, we are proud to say our doors are Secured by Design approved, and certified by LPCB at BRE.

If you are interested in securing your student accommodation blocks please give our team a call on 0121 706 8400. Alternatively, email us at [email protected].

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