Ram-Raids: Combatting the Threat of Vehicle Attacks

Is Your Shopfront at Risk from Vehicle Attack?

At Warrior Doors we have noticed a rise in violent robberies using vehicles as weapons (V.A.W) specifically for ram-raids. When you have a shop full of staff and customers this can be a nightmare scenario. As a result putting those inside at immediate risk of injury or even death.

Due to the rise of ram-raids, over the past few years a number of Warrior Doors secured stores have been targeted using V.A.W in an attempt to brazenly gain entry. However, all these attempts have thankfully resulted in failure due to our Vehicle Mitigation Technology.

Click the button below to see how Warrior Doors protected stores stand up against ram-raids in contrast to those which are not protected by us.

Warrior Doors Shopfront & High Security Swing Door
  • Brett, Dom and the rest of the team were great. Further to this I felt the job was carried out as if it were their own shop they were protecting.

    Oscar Lawry

    Maunder Watch Co.

Combating the Threat of V.A.W

As a result of the growing threat of V.A.W and ram-raids, we have developed our high security shopfronts to include vehicle mitigation technology. For example as part of this we design and install inbuilt stall risers, which therefore help protect the integrity of a store from the impact of a vehicle.

Is Vehicle Mitigation Right for Your Store?

Undeniably the impact V.A.W attacks can have on vulnerable and unsecured stores is devastating. Therefore, if the answer yes to any of the below questions, we would encourage you to contact us today.

Firstly, is it possible for vehicles to approach your shopfront? 

Secondly, is any of the stock you hold in your store of considerable value?

Lastly, have you previously explored the option of securing your store from vehicle attack ?

Finally, please ask to speak to one of our Technical Security Advisors about securing your store from V.A.W and ram-raids.

Please call our team today on 0121 706 8400. Alternatively, email us at [email protected].

Long Jewellery store shopfront with Warrior Sliding Interlock and Displays. Large sign reading "Segals Jewellers".

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