The Warrior Roadshow: Bringing Our Doors to Your Office

With the Warrior Roadshow we are now able to bring our doors to prospective customers in person, therefore providing a chance to preview and test them directly. While this is a great development, read on to learn why we are doing this for our customers.

We absolutely understand some procurement department’s aim to purchase products that are not only cost effective and long lasting, but durable too. However, we have found that when many organisations see cheaper doors they equate that with being cost effective too. Undeniably, these are not the same thing.

We frequently replace other company’s doors that are unfit for purpose, as they have subsequently failed after only a few years of being in place.

Click the button below to watch a video on why some communal entrance doors do not stand the test of time, and ultimately fail

Woman in gloves and goggles hitting glass door with a sledge hammer
  • Indeed, a great idea to bring the product along – I learned a lot!

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    ATLAS 2020

Overall we realise how important it is for procurement professionals to see our doors in person. Through years of working alongside local authorities and housing associations, we ultimately know this makes a big difference.

For that reason we are now bringing our doors to the offices of procurement teams across the UK.

Last month Warrior Doors’ team travelled to meet a council’s procurement team with the Warrior Roadshow vehicle.

When inside the vehicle, the procurement team were able to inspect a range of our doors. In addition they had the opportunity to impact test one of them with a sledgehammer.

Why Choose a Warrior Roadshow?

Ultimately an in-person demonstration with our team allows us to bring our products to life for you and your colleagues. In addition, you will be able to see why in over 20 years of business every door we have installed is still in place. Furthermore why one has never failed or been replaced.

Our products are certified by LPCB at BRE, while also listed and approved by Secured by Design

If you and your team would like more information please contact us on 0121 706 8400. Alternatively, email us at [email protected]

full body shot of woman about to hit a glass door with a sledgehammer
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