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Visit Our Factory

We understand it can often be difficult to get a full sense of our doors just from pictures. As that is the case we offer a variety of options for you to learn about them at our Birmingham factory unit. Click the button below to visit our contact us page and choose factory visit and fill out the form.

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Spare Capacity

Occasionally we have spare capacity on our state-of-the-art Trumpf TruLaser Tube 5000 machine which we lease to other companies. We are able to cut both SS Round and Box Section profiles. Please note, this will be free issue cutting so you would be required to provide your own materials. We are only able to accept stainless-steel. If you are interested please call us on 0121 706 8400.

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The Process

You may ask yourself the questions: How is the Warrior Doors product that I have purchased designed and built? What is the process that goes into making sure it is ready for my site?

On this page we will show you the 8 key steps that your Warrior Doors solution takes from our design office, through the factory and then to your site.

Read on to learn about our process, and what goes into making your door or solution perfect for you.

3D render of a sliding interlock with screens

1. Design

Our production process begins in the design office. We use a combination of 3 programmes to create parts for our doors and frames.

When working on High Value Retail and Critical Infrastructure projects we use 3D Solidworks for modelling. This gives our customers a visual representation of the product which we are designing for them. We typically use our inhouse software SSFramer to design our communal entrance doors and products.

The design files are then exported to Trumpf TruTops which is used to process parts ready for laser cutting.

SSFramer is also used to efficiently generate all the parts for any door or product directly to machine files. This directly feeds our inhouse CRM system which holds all of the information for any project we work on.

2. Laser Cutting

At this stage we use our state-of-the-art Trumpf tube laser and flat cutting machines to process all of our stainless-steel flat and tube profiles within only 0.1mm of tolerance.

This area of our business is being continuously invested in. For example we have purchased a nitrogen generator which produces all of our cutting gas in house.

Occasionally we have some spare capacity on our tube laser to offer to other companies. If you are interested email us at [email protected] or alternatively call us on 0121 706 8400.

Lots of sparks coming from laser cutter cutting a piece of stainless steel.
Man bending stainless-steel using a Trumpf Tru Bend Machine..

3. Bending

Warrior Doors has invested in a Trumpf TruBend 5320 Brake Press. We use this to bend, roll and punch essential parts of our doors on all our projects.

The TruBend allows us to use custom made tools to roll and form our bespoke finger protection and flat hinges inhouse. Using the Brake Press has increased both our productivity and efficiency.

Occasionally we have spare capacity on our Brake Press which we make available to other companies. If you are interested in learning more please give us a call on 0121 706 8400.

4. Fabrication & Welding

At this stage in the process all of our laser cut and tube sections are fabricated together and then welded. To do this we use a combination of Tig and Mig welding. All our welds are designed to be hidden from sight once the final product comes together.

Due to our parts being laser cut, we can easily slot them together efficiently and without much user input. This in turn speeds up the process and leads to significantly fewer errors and mistakes.

Man in welding mask and gloves welding stainless-steel. Lots of sparks.
Man in protective suit powder coating stainless-steel sheets.

5. Polishing & Powder Coating

The finish on any of our doors and products is really important. The aesthetic of the door needs to be spot on for our customers. Our skilled team are able to provide a polished stainless-steel finish or powder coating in a colour of your choosing.

There is a wide range of RAL colours for our customers to choose from. Furthermore these even include our own bespoke colours, for example Warrior Bronze and Brass. Powder coating provides a lifetime of weather and scratch resistant colour.

Each product is cleaned down thoroughly before being coated. Once the coat is applied it will be left to bake in a high temperature oven to finish the process.

6. Pre-Hang & Electrical

This is the final process on factory production line. This is where all ironmongery is placed and fixed onto the doors i.e., kickplates, hinges, handles, locks etc, and where any electrical aspects are fitted.

After this this part is complete the frame is then fixed into a mock wall so our team can then swing the door into the frame to make sure everything is working as intended to Warrior Doors’ high quality standards.

Once the product has been given a final quality check it is then wrapped up carefully in protective taping to be loaded onto a Warrior Install vehicle ready for installation.

Man standing by door that is laying on a workbench smiling.
Three Warrior Doors installers. Two are supporting a large yellow ladder while the third stands on the ladder to work on the elctricals at the top of the door that they are installing. Set inside a jewellery store that is being built.

7. Install & Aftercare

Here we arrive at the final stage of the process. Our customers’ doors and products are delivered to site by our Warrior Installation Team. Upon arrival the installation team begin by removing any old door or frame they may find in place. The old door is then loaded back into our van and then transported back to our factory and recycled.

Once the pre-existing frame and door have been taken out, we then begin installing our product. If needed we also wire the frame on the same day.

After installation is complete our customers are available to contact us at any time for servicing and aftercare solutions.

From the Process to our Products

You have read through the 8 key stages of the process we follow to create our bespoke doors and products. So, what next? Hit the button below to check out our Communal Entrances, High Value Retail, Critical Infrastructure and Certified Products range.