Mobility Scooter Room Doors

With an ageing population and more housing for those with mobility issues, motorized  scooters are becoming more common. The rise of mobility scooters had led to criminals targeting them. Our Mobility Scooter Room Doors protect them from theft when parked, as well as providing ease of access for owners.

We use our Auto-Operated Swing & Sliding Doors as a base for our Mobility Scooter Room Doors. The key difference is that the door is often wider to enable a scooter to drive inside the room. 

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RAL Colours Available

We offer options of polished stainless-steel or any available RAL colour powder coating to ensure your door matches your premises.

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Built to your Requirements

We design with you in mind. Every door we manufacture is bespoke and made to measure.

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Warrior Heritage

We are able to design security doors that don’t affect the look or feel of classic architecture. We aim to design out crime, but never character.

Security & Features

Made from high quality stainless-steel, our doors are typically fitted with anti-bandit secure glazing. This is an appropriate glazing solution for the level of threat a scooter storage space might come under. Furthermore, the glazing also provides optimal lighting and natural surveillance for scooter users.

We fit the doors for motorized scooters with security sensors. The sensors just enough time for users to drive into the room. In addition, the security sensors are configured to shut out tailgaters. As with all our communal entrances we are able to offer a variety of locking options. This is dependent on whether the door is either a swing or sliding solution.

In our opinion a sliding door fitted with an auto-operator is the optimal solution for a mobility scooter room. When considering a sliding door, you should take into account that it will often save space. Specifically, a sliding door needs less space as it does not need to swing open.

We are also able to design and build certified doors for motorized scooter rooms through our testing partner LPCB at BRE. Furthermore, they are also listed and approved by Secured By Design.

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