Warrior Doors Launches DOCO Days

On the first Wednesday of each month Secured by Design member company, Warrior Doors, will be opening its site in Birmingham to Design Out Crime Officers (DOCO) and Secured by Design staff for a DOCO Day.

We are launching DOCO Days as we understand that some of the technical information regarding Secured by Design listed products, such as doors,  is often confusing. Therefore, we are stepping up to offer our expertise and product knowledge to Design Out Crime Officers.

The ultimate aim of DOCO Days is to provide officers with a valuable and interactive learning experience, and thus allowing them to walk away better prepared.

When attending a DOCO Day, Design Out Crime Officers will participate in a CPD seminar, which will cover door design and security standards.

Brett Barratt & two Design Out Crime Officers smiling at a stainless steel pipe
  • A First-Class CPD Day!

    Steve Cake

    Design Out Crime Officer, Western Surrey Police

We will provide:

  • Firstly, a behind the scenes tour of the Warrior factory and materials for you to compare.
  • A chance to impact test our doors with a sledgehammer and ‘not fit for purpose’ doors to review.
  • Finally, a complimentary lunch for Officers and meeting space if required.

There is a limit of 15 attendees per in person session, therefore please ensure you book in advance for you and your team. 

Additionally, we are also able to host online seminars instead of in person. However, we are pleased to say there is not a limit for attending these sessions. Meanwhile, you can view all of our Secured by Design listed products by clicking here.

To secure your spot, or if you have any questions please contact Simon Cham on [email protected].

Two Design Out Crime Officers looking at glass at the warrior factory with 3 warrior staff members nearby

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