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Warrior Doors is a Birmingham based English manufacturing company. We design and build the industry benchmark in both high-security and communal entrance doors.

Combining a stainless-steel frame and specialist glazing, our products maximize security without compromising on light or aesthetics. Over the years, we have been proud to make a real difference to people’s lives and livelihoods

Learn how we have grown and progressed through the years by scrolling down the page.

Managing Director Brett Barratt holding a pen and paper standing with another Warrior Employee in front of Bretts old garage, the original Warrior Doors workshop. Photo taken in the 90s.

Laying Foundations

In April 1997, Sure Lock Home Security Doors and Windows was founded by Brett and Ann Barratt in Birmingham, England.

Drawing on Brett’s experience as a carpenter they began to build a client base through private work. Brett started designing and building doors for friends and acquaintances out of his garage.

As more work came in, and the company started to grow, Brett and Ann decided to build an office. This was adjoined to the side of their house and helped to manage their workload.

These early days were key for the company which we now know as Warrior Doors.

First Jeweller Secured

In July 2010, Warrior Doors completed an installation for its first Jeweller customer. The company was called Jai Jewellers, and they were based in Smethwick in the West Midlands.

Jai Jewellers had suffered a break-in from a gang, and needed a solution to secure their store quickly. The owner spotted Warrior Doors online, and got in touch looking for a solution so he could open again ASAP.

With Jai Jewellers now secure, it became apparent how big an opportunity the High Value Retail market was for Warrior Doors. As a company we have not looked back since.

Jewellery store with black Warrior Interlock and Shopfront. Large silver sign that reads "Jai Jewellers"
BRE and Managing Director Brett Barratt holding the certificate for LPS 2081 SRB.

Start of Testing Programme

In February 2011, Warrior Doors conducted its first test of its doors with LPCB at BRE. One of the world’s leading security product test centres.

Working with BRE meant the company needed to employ its first time full time CAD designers. They allowed us to produce drawings to the necessary standards set by BRE.

In over 10 years of testing with BRE, Warrior Doors now have 6 products (with multiple configurations) accredited. This includes the world’s first certified LPS 1175 SR3 Glazed Sliding Security Door.

A Change in Name

In January of 2012, Sure Lock Home Security Doors and Windows officially changed its name to Warrior Doors. The company’s original name was causing some confusion. There were a number of other companies who had similar sounding names, therefore a a new name was needed.

The name ‘Warrior’ came from the first door that we manufactured out of tubing. This was instead of taking cuts from door blanks, and then covering them with sheet metal.

The company had evolved over time to create products which, simply put, were more than just a door. Our company’s mission has now grown around protecting loved ones and livelihoods from the threats of criminality.

Naming the company Warrior Doors not only drew on the heritage of that first door built out of tube. It stood for the Warrior like security provided to our customers.

Warrior Doors logo with white text on a dark grey background.
Outside of a factory with a large sign with the Warrior Doors logo on it.

Moving On Up

Warrior Doors has grown year on year since the company started out in Brett and Ann Barratt’s garage back in 1997.

As the volume of work increased Warrior Doors needed to move to larger premises over time. From the Barratt family’s garage in 1997 to a couple of units on to the Monarch Industrial Estate in 2003. Through to the present day, where Warrior Doors is located on the Kings Road Industrial Estate in Tyseley, Birmingham since 2013.

Starting out with just Brett and Ann in 1997, their son Dominic Barratt has become fully involved in the business/ Furthermore, Warrior Doors’ team has grown to over 30 people.

Partnership with Secured by Design

More and more of the doors that the company we were installing were in high-risk or challenging areas. Suffering from issues such as anti-social behaviour in the context of social housing, or armed robbery in relation to Jewellers.

In 2016 Warrior Doors made the decision to join a Police Crime Prevention Initiative called Secured by Design. Secured by Design work to promote quality physical security applications in new builds. As a result enforcing these standards through Design Out Crime Officers, also known as DOCOs.

Since becoming Secured by Design member company Warrior Doors has worked closely with them on our products and door specification. We do this by educating them on our products, as well as gaps in their knowledge regarding security standards.

Since 2019, Warrior Doors has hosted DOCO Days for officers at our factory in Birmingham. DOCO Days give them a chance to come to visit our site and to learn more about the application of our products. Furthermore, we also offer our expertise in the form of Security Webinars for DOCOs.

Two Design Out Crime Officers looking at glass at the warrior factory with 3 warrior staff members nearby
Small drawing of a door with 6 small glass panels with the caption 2006. Larger drawing of a door with 6 large glass panels with the caption 2009. Larger drawing of a door with 3 very large glass panels with the caption 2014. Large drawing of a fully glazed door with the caption 2020.

Natural Surveillance

Through the years Warrior Doors has continued to optimise and refine its products through design and testing. This ensures that not only are they as secure as can be, but that they also look great too. Our stainless steel doors have gone through quite the evolution since 1997, especially in how we use secure glazing.

Security glazing is an integral aspect of our doors and products. They allow for natural surveillance, meaning the user can safely see who is on the other side of a door for instance. As a result of the secure glazing, would be criminals tend to be put off due to being clearly exposed.

As we have grown our products have gradually featured a wider aperture of glazing. Consequently, in 2017 we installed our first fully glazed door. As a result allowing us to truly provide maximum security without compromising on design or aesthetics.

Warrior Doors Celebrates 20 Years

In April 2017, Warrior Doors celebrated a record year. As we reached our 20th anniversary, we managed to achieve a turnover of £2.5 million. A far cry from the company’s first year turnover of £23,000.

To mark 20 years Warrior Doors held a special celebration at its factory for customers and friends of the business. It was a joyful celebration where we all got to raise a toast.

Jess Phillips, Labour MP for Yardley, was one of our VIP guests. Afterwards she commented: “It is wonderful to see small businesses grow. Furthermore, it is especially great to see emerging entrepreneurs who are making a real difference with their work.

Managing Director Brett Barratt and local MP Jess Phillips holding microphones on stage at Warrior Doors' 20th anniversary party. Red and black balloon arch and tvs behind them.
Outside Gucci's flagship store in sloane street at night. Large bespoke fully glazed Warrior Doors and shopfront.

Going Global

Since the company’s formation in 1997, all doors we had designed and built had so far been installed within the United Kingdom. This changed in 2012 when an enquiry came in from a nursery school in Nigeria. Sadly, the nursey were living with the constant threat of attack by armed bandits. As a result of this enquiry, Warrior Doors designed and built a series of high-security doors and exported them out to Nigeria for installation.

In 2015, we installed our first doors in continental Europe at a high profile jewellery shop in Paris, France. A little closer to home, in 2018, we were commissioned by Italian luxury retailer Gucci. We built the global fashion powerhouse a high-security entrance system and shopfront for their flagship store in London.

Going global not only means expanding our presence outside of the United Kingdom, but taking the Warrior Doors brand international.

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Since starting off building doors in my garage in Birmingham in 1997, Warrior Doors has come a long way. With over 20,000 doors installed, from Knightsbridge to Nigeria, I am proud to say I employ a skilled and passionate team. They are as determined as I am to keep people safe and secure with our doors and solutions,

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