We design and build bespoke stainless-steel security doors and products suitable for a range of sectors. Whether it be social housing, luxury retail or national infrastructure we will be able to provide you with the optimal solution. Our customers’ security needs come before else for us. As a result we will always ensure we keep them covered with our products.

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Fully Glazed Warrior Communal Entrance Door & Screen on a Communal Residential Building

Communal Entrances

Explore our range of stainless-steel Communal Entrances which we build to be both durable and secure.

Every Warrior Doors communal entrance we have installed is still in place, and have neither been removed or replaced.

Whether it be Swing Doors or Mobility Scooter Doors, each of our Communal Entrances maximise a building’s light and aesthetics without compromising on its security.

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High Value Retail

Our High Value Retail doors and products are the optimal physical security solutions for businesses selling luxury or expensive items.

Over the past decade our High Value Retail doors and products have stopped countless armed robberies. As a result, in the process they have helped save both lives and livelihoods,

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Warrior Fully Glazed Shop Front & Double Swing Doors for Gucci
Fully Glazed High Security Warrior Swing Door at Wordsworth Museum

Critical Infrastructure

We have built considerable experience in working on Critical Infrastructure projects which tend to be highly technical and often secretive.

There is often the very real threat of important individuals and critical locations being targeted by terrorists, criminals or protesters. As a result we work with key organisations and companies in both the public and private sector. Working with them we design and manufacture bespoke high-security solutions that appropriate for the level of risk and threat.

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Certified Products

Explore our range of Certified Products that have been tested and accredited by LPCB at BRE. The UK’s leading security testing centre.

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Warrior Fully Glazed Communal Entrance Door & a Warrior Bin Store Door.
Warrior Display Vault in jewellery shop with icons

Warrior Display Vault

Cutting-edge Display Vaults engineered with state-of-the-art security features ensure your watches and jewellery are protected from theft and vandalism. Constructed with ultra-tough, tamper-resistant materials and incorporates advanced locking mechanisms, giving you complete peace of mind.