Communal Entrances

At Warrior Doors we frequently witness the positive impact our Communal Entrances have on communities. This is largely through reductions in crime at their premises, as well as an increase in quality of life.

Manufactured from high quality stainless-steel, our communal entrance doors and solutions are perfect for securing buildings from vandalism, break-ins and other anti-social behaviour. In particular we have had success working with schools, housing associations and local authorities.

Modern Communal Blocks with blue sky background

Durable and Cost Effective

Further to a higher level of security, our Communal Entrances are both durable and cost effective. As a result saving our customers thousands of pounds in repair and maintenance costs over the life time of their door or product.

So far in over 20 years of business every communal entrance door that we have installed is still in place. This due to none ever failing or being replaced.

As well as being highly-secure, our doors look great too. Through the use of security glazing our communal entrance doors maximize light and aesthetics without compromising on security. In addition we are proud to say our doors are Secured by Design approved.

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Fully Glazed Residential Communal Entrance Door

Swing Doors

Read about our robust Swing Doors. Built to provide high-quality physical security for buildings with communal access.

Our Swing Doors are a modern and secure solution, especially for apartment blocks in both private and social housing.

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Auto-Operated Swing & Sliding Doors

Our Auto-Operated Swing & Sliding Doors are an excellent modern security solution. With a focus on providing ease of access, especially for those with mobility issues, they are the optimal ‘contactless’ entrances.

Powered through a state-of-the-art auto-operator, Warrior Doors’ Auto-Operated Swing & Sliding Doors remove the action of physically pulling, pushing or sliding a door open.

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Fully Glazed Auto-Operated Swing Door with a pebbled pathway surrounded by greenery
Warrior Bin Store Door on a Communal Residential Building.

Bin Store Doors

Bin Store Doors are a great solution for buildings and premises with issues storing their bins on site.

Built from stainless-steel with louvred vents, our Bin Store Doors provide optimal ventilation. Furthermore, they provide secure ease of access for residents and waste disposal professionals.

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Bike Store Doors

Bike Store Doors provide a secure barrier of entry for buildings and premises with shared bike storage.

Our Bike Store Doors come with a lower stainless-steel scuff-pad for bike wheels, in addition to a securely glazed vision panel. As a result, Bike Store Doors provide cyclists with a truly secure area to store their bikes.

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Warrior Bike Store Door with fully glazed top vision panel and stainless-steel anti-scuff bottom panel
Stainless Steel Plant Room Door

Plant Room Doors

Our Plant Room Doors are a secure solid stainless-steel solution to protect a building or premises’ key utilities.

Whether it be gas, electrical or water equipment, our Plant Room Doors keep out unwanted visitors. As a result, keeping your room secure.

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Mobility Scooter Room Doors

Mobility Scooter Room Doors provide a secure layer of defence which motorized scooters can drive through and be housed behind.

With the option of secure sliding or swing doors, we build our doors suitable for a wide opening.

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Fully Glazed Mobility Scooter Room Door
Warrior Anti-Climb Rollems on top of a wall at a Communal Residential Building

Additional Security Solutions

In addition to the listed range of communal entrance doors, we also offer Additional Security Solutions. Through research and development we have created these to solve common security issues which we come across in communal settings.

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