High Value Retail

At Warrior Doors we have been working in High Value Retail security for over a decade. Additionally, in that time we have continued to build and refine our high-security doors and products along the way.

Our high-security doors have stopped countless armed robberies, ram-raid attacks and burglaries. As a result protecting both lives and livelihoods. In particular our High Value Retail security doors are perfectly suited for Jewellers, luxury boutiques and high-end antique stores.

Smart, Modern and Secure

Through the smart and modern design of our doors and solutions we help create a pleasant buying experience. Furthermore, our use of specialist and certified security glazing means they let in lots of light without compromising on aesthetics.

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Warrior Fully Glazed Shop Front & Double Swing Doors for Gucci

Swing Doors

Our Swing Doors are our classic high-security solution providing you with a secure first layer of defence.

Sleek and secure, Swing Doors are therefore ideal for premises with limited floor space.

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Sliding Doors

Through our Sliding Doors we can offer a high-security solution designed with ease of access and aesthetics in mind.

In fact, at this point we make the world’s only high-security glazed sliding door certified up to LPS 1175 SR3.

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Lister Horsfall's Warrior Shop Front & Fully Glazed Interlocking Sliding Doors
Warrior Fully Glazed Interlocking Swing Doors & Screens from inside perspective

Interlocking Doors

Our signature high-security Interlocking Doors are designed to provide the maximum level of security for your store’s entrance.

Through using smart design principles, our fully-glazed Interlocking Doors remove the possibility of tailgaters entering your premises. 

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Shopfronts & Displays

Our fully-glazed Shopfronts & Displays provide a secure and luxurious frontage for stores, without any bulky features.

Consequently we enable you to put your products centre stage, while our Shopfronts & Displays keep you covered.

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Boodles Sloane St.'s Warrior Shopfront & Fully Glazed Interlocking Sliding Doors
Long Jewellery store shopfront with Warrior Sliding Interlock and Displays. Large sign reading "Segals Jewellers".

Vehicle Mitigation Technology

There is a growing threat of criminals using cars, trucks and mopeds to ram-raid into High Value Retail premises. As a result we have developed our own specialist Vehicle Mitigation Technology.

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Safe Room Doors

A safe room provides a secure space for staff and customers to flee to in the event of a robbery. Therefore it is imperative that the room is protected with one of our robust Safe Room Doors.

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White fully stainless-steel Warrior Safe Room Door in a white room.
Five Warrior Display Cases with watches inside built into a wooden wall in a Jewellery Store.

Additional High Security Solutions

In addition to the range of doors and products listed, we also offer Additional High Security Solutions.

Through research and development, these products have been designed to solve additional security issues for High Value Retail businesses.

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