304l Stainless-Steel: Out of this World

What do Elon Musk’s rockets and our doors have in common? The answer, 304l stainless-steel. Read on to learn why our doors are truly out of this world.

Pushing the boundaries of how we design and build our doors is par for the course for our team at Warrior Doors. Ensuring that businesses and residents, no matter where they are, are safe and secure is what drives us as a business.

We would like to think that our doors provide ‘out of this world’ quality and value for our customers. However to this date we have not yet had the chance to install them off planet in this universe!

Did you know that Elon Musk’s SpaceX starships are partially constructed from the same high-quality 304l grade of stainless-steel we manufacture our doors from?

Previously Musk and SpaceX were building their starships and rockets out of carbon fibre, however there were many compelling reasons to switch to stainless-steel. Some of these reasons are why we choose 304l stainless-steel as our door frame material of choice.

Brett Barratt & two Design Out Crime Officers smiling at a stainless steel pipe

Weather and Temperature Resistant

Stainless-steel offers the benefit of not turning brittle at ultra-low temperatures. When exposed to the extreme elements of space this is a real plus and could be the difference between life and death. Furthermore, in space stainless-steel can withstand temperatures up to and sometimes exceeding 815.5 °C. In contrast carbon fibre (a material typically used to build rockets from) can only withstand up to 148.8 °C.

SpaceX build certain elements of their rockets out of 301 stainless-steel. 301 is a blend of nickel, chromium and iron and is more resistant to corrosion than carbon fibre. However, they have now moved to 304L stainless-steel which features higher chromium content and is therefore even less likely to corrode.

Starship Class Doors

In reality, back on planet earth, we understand that doors are most likely never going to experience this level of temperature and weather extremes. However, it clearly illustrates how tough and resilient stainless-steel is when faced with the elements.

Our 304l stainless-steel door frames are robust and stand the test of time. In over 20 years of business, we have never had to replace a door, and every door we have installed is still in place.

In addition to our 304l stainless-steel frames, we utilise certified security glazing. The specialist glazing we use maximises both light and aesthetics without ever compromising on a door set’s security.

Although we do not fit our doors in outer space, they are ideally suited to withstand on Earth weather conditions. For instance, our stainless-steel communal entrance doors are perfect for a coastal environment where corrosion can often be an issue.

Warrior Fully Glazed Interlocking Sliding Doors from the inside of Lister Horsfall

If you are interested in hearing why our stainless-steel doors are ‘out of this world’, give our team a call on 0121 706 8400. Alternatively email us at [email protected].

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