Africa Equip: Giving The People of Africa a Hand Up Not a Hand Out

Africa Equip are a non-profit charity organisation working to equip Africans and their projects with key materials and resources. Their primary aim is not to handout, but to give a hand up to those in need, enabling individuals and communities to become more self-sustainable.

Warrior Doors has closely supported Africa Equip for over 20 years through our recycling scheme as well as donating educational equipment needed for their studies. Some of the equipment that we have sent over includes desks, Braille books, toys and woodworking machinery.

Some of Their Projects

Africa Equip has often resourced projects by relocating equipment, tools and machinery to Africa that is no longer needed in England. They have shipped a wide range of items from sowing machines and clothes to electricity generators and computers. They also supported the Butterfly Project in Uganda by sending a container of educational materials to support the project in training young people to become local community social entrepreneurs.

For many years Africa Equip have supported the Christ Worshippers Gospel Choir of blind young people in Eswatini. They have brought them on visits to the UK, sent over supplies including a storage unit turned recording studio and more recently have purchased a farmstead as a permanent homestead for them.

2 children using a piano sent by Africa Equip

How You Can Support Them

The farmstead for the choir consists of several buildings and 5 acres of land and it has two more payments to be made on it as well as a number of repairs and renovations which Africa Equip have been focusing on this year.

So far a new large sliding gate was purchased and fitted and the whole 5-acre site has been re-fenced to prevent goats and other animals from eating crops. Electrical and plumbing work has been carried out and new external doors have been fitted. A large area adjacent to the buildings was ploughed and raised beds were prepared for over 1000 crops to be planted as well as a new 5000-litre water tank for an irrigation system. 

Rearing chickens was one of the things that the choir wanted to do so 50 chicks were purchased and a small chicken coop was built. There was a dilapidated chicken house on the farm which has now also been rebuilt and more chicks have been purchased.

The next step for the choirs farmstead is a new kitchen. Once completed they will have nearly completed all of the immediate improvements required for the farmstead. If you would like to make a contribution towards this you can donate to the go fund me by clicking here.

Member of the blind choir watering crops with chickens in the background
Existing Kitchen

Call our team today on 0121 706 8400. Alternatively, email us at [email protected].

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