Bin Store Doors: Why Choose Punched Louvre?

At Warrior Doors all of our Bin Store Doors are Punched Louvred. But what are louvres and why are they important?


Ventilation of bin rooms in blocks of flats should vent any odorous or dense flammable gases that may escape from the waste. This is stated in Approved Document B Fire Safety, volume 2 of the Government’s building regulations .

Vents should also be small enough that vermin that may be attracted to the contents of the bins cannot get in. 

Louvred Doors achieve both of these requirements and ensure that tenants and bin staff that use the bin store room are not greeted with bad smells or surprise guests.

A photo of a Warrior Bin Store Door.

Louvre Slats

A very popular, yet flawed, option for louvred Bin Store Doors are slats. Slats can be any material and generally clip into the door. At Warrior Doors we have had to replace many slatted Bin Store Doors as although they are great for ventilation they are not suitable for security.

With minimal force and easy to access tools slats can be unclipped from the door creating a gap that an intruder can use to reach around inside and open the door. Watch the video to see how easy it is to break into a slatted louvred door.

Why Choose Warrior?

Manufactured from high quality stainless steel, our secure Bin Store Doors feature punched louvred panels which help to circulate airflow around the waste storage space as well as maintaining required security levels.

We also offer options of polished stainless steel or any available RAL colour powder coating to ensure your door matches your premises. 

We are able to offer our Bin Store Doors as a certified solution, tested and accredited by LPCB at BRE.

Warrior Bin Store Door on a Communal Residential Building.

Are you interested in our punched louvre Bin Store Doors? If so give our team a call at 0121 706 8400 or email us at [email protected]

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