10 JUNE 2024

Common Problems with GRP Doors

10 JUNE 2024

In our latest video, Warrior Doors Managing Director Brett Barratt explains the frequent issues with GRP doors in communal areas. We regularly replace these doors, and many have been in use for less than eight years. Here are the common problems we encounter with GRP doors and why our Warrior Doors are a better choice.

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Common Problems with GRP Doors
  1. 🚫 The Door Doesn’t Shut Properly One of the main issues with GRP doors is that they often fail to close correctly. This affects both security and functionality.

  2. 🚫 The Door is Twisted GRP doors can become twisted, causing gaps and misalignment. This not only reduces security but also affects energy efficiency.

  3. 🚫 The Wooden Core Inside the Aluminium Frame is Deteriorating and Rotting Over time, the wooden core in the aluminium frame of GRP doors can rot due to moisture and other environmental factors. This weakens the door’s structure.

Because of these issues, GRP doors often need replacing within a ten-year cycle, which is both inconvenient and costly.

Why Choose Warrior Doors for Communal Areas?

Warrior Doors provides durable and reliable doors for communal spaces. Here’s why our doors are the best choice:

  • Long-Lasting: Our doors are built to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Secure: Enhanced locking mechanisms and stronger materials ensure better protection.
  • Attractive: Our doors not only secure your property but also look great.


If you’re facing the common problems of GRP doors in communal areas, it might be time for an upgrade. Warrior Doors offers high-quality, durable solutions that provide long-term peace of mind.

For more information and to watch Brett Barratt’s video explanation, visit our website or contact us today.

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