Communal Entrance Doors: Looking for More than Just Secure

At Warrior Doors security is our main priority. We pride ourselves on having the most durable and secure products on the market. The majority of the content that we share talks about certification, testing, break-ins etc. however, security isn’t the only thing that we take into consideration when we are designing and manufacturing a door.

Our goal was to create a range of Communal Entrance Solutions that tick every box. We wanted to make sure that for our customers the doors on their blocks were not a task to deal with or something to worry about but rather, something that they can be happy with while also improving the lives of their tenants. 

Here are just a few things that we consider when designing, manufacturing and installing a Communal Entrance Door.

Fully Glazed Residential Communal Entrance Door


It’s no surprise that people want to live in nice looking homes. However, we have seen with some security products that aesthetics are overlooked and suddenly an otherwise lovely looking block starts to look like a fortress. To avoid this we have developed the design of our products over the years to create a fully glazed solution. This allows for natural light to flow into the block and creates a much more open and inviting space. 

Take a look at these before and after photos from some of our installs:

Maintenance Costs

Warrior Doors are built for life. Every door that we install is built to live as long as the building that it is installed into. That is why in over 20 years of business no Warrior Door has ever been completely replaced. This is a huge saving in costs in comparison to timber, UPVC, aluminium and mild steel doors that are built to fail and will eventually require complete replacement. Due to the design and materials used in the doors they also require very minimal general maintenance, both of these things save you money so that it can go back into your blocks in other ways.

An Eco-Approach

Designing for life also benefits the environment. If for every doorway only one door needs to go through production that’s a significant difference in emissions to those that need replacing every 2-5 years. At Warrior Doors an eco-friendly approach is a very important part of what we do, as we try to avoid waste at all costs. We make sure to recycle as much of every single door that we rip out and replace as we can as well as using our own scrap metal to create keyrings which we powder coat and give to those who visit our factory or who we meet at events.

Keyrings in the shape of the Warrior Logo made out of scrap stainless-steel and powder coated

To view our range of Communal Entrance Doors and solutions click here.

To speak to a member of our team give us a call at 0121 706 8400 or email at [email protected]

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