Communal Housing Security: Post Pandemic Planning

The people of the UK can breathe a sigh of relief as we all head back out to bars, clubs and Sunday roasts with the family. Covid-19 lockdown restrictions have been eased with the remaining restrictions due to be lifted on the 19th of July.

It is also football season with the Euros currently in full swing. People are chanting about football coming home while waiting to find out when they can go abroad. But the return of normality comes with a few risks, so what does this mean for communal housing security?

The Age of Technology

The pandemic rapidly increased the speed at which we progressed within the technological age. Sales of desktop and laptop computers exceeded 302 million in 2020 alone. 97.4% of UK households are now expected to have internet access, suggesting that they would all also own a device that can connect to it.

This means that your tenants are likely to have valuable items inside their flats and if we can assume that, so can criminals. The risk of burglary in a communal housing block is smaller than that of a domestic house however it is still a risk that should be considered.

four students sat on the floor each holding a high value device

Football Fever

A large portion of Brits love nothing more than a trip to the pub to watch the game. However for some people that one pint becomes many more and before you know it the streets are full of drunk football fans trying to source the nearest kebab shop before heading home.

This becomes an issue for communal housing blocks as drunk and disorderly people are more likely to partake in anti-social behaviour, causing disruption for tenants and potential damage to the premises. We have also seen cases of drunk people entering blocks through poor security entrance doors and continuing to drink, use drugs and/or stay the night. Not only does this create the risk of a lot of potential unsanitary mess, it also puts tenants at risk. People under the influence are unpredictable especially after their favourite sports team has just lost a match.

Football fans topless & drinking in public

How Warrior Doors Can help

Manufactured from high quality stainless steel, our communal entrance doors and solutions are perfect for securing buildings from vandalism, break-ins and other anti-social behaviour. 

We have never had to completely replace any of our communal entrance doors in over 20 years of business. This saves on maintenance costs as well as benefiting the environment as it prevents the purchase and manufacturing of replacement doors. 

As well as being secure, our doors look great too. Through the use of security glazing our communal entrance doors maximize light and aesthetics without compromising on security. In addition, we are proud to say that our doors are Secured by Design approved.

Fully Glazed Warrior Communal Entrance Door & Screen on a Communal Residential Building

To view our range of Communal Entrance Doors and solutions click here.

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