E-Bikes & E-Cigarettes: E-asy to Steal

The Digital Age has created a rise in electronically powered products. Things we know and love evolving to be faster, better, cooler and ultimately more valuable. However, with high value items the risk of robbery is greatly increased. 

We have unfortunately seen a rise in robberies specifically within the biking and e-cigarette industries. Data shows Bike Store theft in October 2020 was up 69.4% from October 2019. We have also seen an alarming increase in the amount of vehicle ram-raid robberies of vape stores.

How are they Getting in?

The security products currently on the market for bike shops focus primarily on the aftermath of a robbery rather than preventing a robbery from happening. Products like selectaDNA that spray criminals with an identifiable mist, alongside Bike Register, an online service to register stolen stock, are very helpful after a robbery but don’t stop criminals from getting in. We have found with bike store robberies the main way criminals are getting in is through weak physical security e.g. doors and windows.

Vape stores are similar in that their physical security measures are not strong enough to keep criminals out but this is due to a rise in ram-raid attacks. With each mod costing anywhere from £30 to over £100 paired with the amount you could fit into one duffel bag, for criminals it is a simple way to make quite a hefty sum. Because of this we have seen an increase in news stories of vehicles being used to break into vape stores. 

Watch the video to see an example of a bike store break in & a vape store ram-raid.

smashed glass door on a vape shop

How Warrior Doors Can Help

At Warrior Doors we have years of experience in securing stores to protect lives and livelihoods from the threat of robbery. Our products don’t just act as a deterrent for criminals but have also stopped countless attempted ram-raid attacks. Check out our videos page to see our doors in action.

This type of robbery often occurs overnight while the store is empty. For situations like these, we recommend either a fully secure shopfront or a bolstered stock room to keep valuable goods in overnight. Our bike shop doors can also include a stainless steel anti-scuff panel to protect against wheel scuffs on the glass.

Our security solutions are secured by design accredited as well as certified by LPCB at BRE from LPS 2081 SRB all the way up to LPS 1175 SR4. So no matter what level of security you need we’ve got you covered. That’s why in over 20 years of business no Warrior Door has ever been removed or replaced.

Warrior Interlocking Swing doors on a Bullion shop

Are you interested in securing your store from the threat of robbery? If so give our team a call at 0121 706 8400 or email us at [email protected]

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