Henry Rose Jewellers & 50 Henley Street - How Warrior Doors Increased Our Store Profits

Our products are designed to protect our customers from attacks that could result in loss of livelihoods or worse. However, some of our customers have said that since the installation of our products they have also seen an increase in sales and profits. 

We spoke to two of our customers who have experienced this change about their experiences.

Henry Rose Jewellers

Henry Rose Jewellers in Burton-on-Trent were victims of an armed raid back in 2018. Thieves smashed through the Shopfront Display Window and bundled items on show into a bag before fleeing on foot. 

Following the attack, Henry Rose contacted Warrior Doors about securing the store. We installed a High Security Interlock solution as well as a new Shopfront Display Window and a Rear Security Door. 

Warrior Fully Glazed Interlocking Doors Swing & Sliding Door Combination from inside Henry Role Jewellers
  • Since the installation of our Warrior Doors products we have seen an increase in spend per customer within the store. I think that this is because the new system shows that we are serious about our business. The doors are great aesthetically too, they don’t look like security doors they look sleek and professional. This inspires a confidence in our products for our customers and has generated an increase in profit for the business.

    You don’t see your display window in the same way that a thief does. For a Jeweller that’s your stock, for a thief it’s a target. Because of that, if I was to open another store I wouldn’t open for trade without a Warrior Doors system installed. I highly recommend Warrior Doors.

    Jason Duesbury

    Henry Rose Jewellers

50 Henley Street

50 Henley Street, a heritage jewellery store in Stratford-upon-Avon were also victim to an armed attack. In December 2020, five armed men entered the store during the daytime and made off in vehicles with stolen goods.

Warrior Doors were recommended to them by friends following the attack. We installed a Sliding Door Interlocking system as well as Vehicle Mitigation Technology (V.M.T).

collage of photos of 50 Henley Street, pic 1 - Interlocking door from inside the store. pic 2 - collection of jewelley seen through display window. pic 3 - shopfront display window finished with wood effect
  • Having experienced a horrific armed robbery last December I contacted Warrior Doors who came highly recommended by several friends in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Brett and his team were very sympathetic and understanding of our needs to make the workplace safe and secure going forward.

    We decided on a Sliding Door Interlock system with double door entry, a strengthened window frame using reinforced steel and Vehicle Mitigation Technology. We now operate from a very secure environment that our customers really appreciate. Once through the entry system they feel free to browse our products in a comfortable space.

    Although the doors seemed a little daunting when they were first installed they have actually filtered our customers into serious enquiries only and our average spend has increased by over 30%. Sales turnover has also seen a rise of 25% this year and I attribute some of this to our wonderful new system.

    If you’re thinking about Warrior Doors I would highly recommend them. Please contact Brett and his team before anything unfortunate happens.

    Steven Beer

    50 Henley Street

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