At Warrior Doors we often receive questions from DOCOs, Architects and others in the Housing Industry about the LPS 2081 SRB security standard.

We’ve created a FAQ to help you to understand why we engineer our Residential Communal Entrance Doors to this standard, as well as answer any questions you may have.

What is LPS 2081 SRB?

It is a BRE Global security standard that tests and evaluates a physical security product’s capability to resist unauthorised access from intruders using stealth tactics – including the types of attacks residential blocks face on a regular basis.

Is it Secured by Design Approved?

Yes, absolutely. Passing the test means that Warrior Doors’ communal entrance door sets are certified by BRE, one of the world’s most stringent test facilities, and comply fully with Secured by Design criteria.

black door with a white frame and screens on a communal housing block

How does this test differ from the LPS 1175 SR2 test?

The test differs very little from the LPS 1175 test. Exactly the same toolkit and test time are used in both tests by BRE, with the key difference being that the LPS 2081 SRB test has been specifically designed to test a door set in stealth conditions. Unlike the LPS 1175 test, BRE’s test team have to test a door with a minimal amount of noise.

What glass can be used?

In the LPS 2081 SRB standard an 11.5mm anti-bandit EN356 P4A rated glass can be used. Using this type of glazing avoids the need to fit expensive highly specialised glass or polycarbonate products as required by the LPS 1175 SR2 standard.

Why should I specify LPS 2081 SRB for communal entrances?

  • Designed to resist unauthorized access from intruders using stealth tactics
  • A recognized standard by Secured by Design
  • Tested and certified by BRE Global
  • Tested with the same toolkit and time as LPS 1175 SR2
  • Avoid over-specification and unnecessary cost
Fully Glazed Warrior Communal Entrance Door & Screens on a Communal Residential Building
A photo of a Warrior Security Communal Entrance Door & Warrior Bin Store Door

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If you have any other questions about LPS 2081 SRB we offer a free Webinar on the subject which you can sign up for on our Webinars page.

If you’d like to speak to a member of our team give us a call at 0121 706 8400. Alternatively, email us at [email protected]

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