Luxury Hotel Security: Staying Discreet

A stay in a luxury hotel should provide guests with an oasis of calm. Security should be the last thing on their minds. In this article we explore how hotel security can provide discreet physical solutions to keep guests safe.

A Hotel Security Manager’s Nightmare

Ask almost anyone within the hotel security field what their nightmare scenario would be and there is a good chance they will mention Mumbai. The deadly terror attack on November 26th, 2008 in Mumbai targeted the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and the Oberoi Trident Hotel.

Of course, the scale and impact of this terror attack was exceptional. However, it highlighted a failure of security not only from a national level, but also within the hotels themselves. The first duty of any hotel, whether luxury or not, is to keep its guests and staff safe.

Understandably, in the aftermath of the Mumbai attack, luxury hotels bolstered their manned security to reassure both staff and guests. Obviously, this is done with the best of intentions. However, for guests paying a lot of money, it may equal stress and discomfort, therefore not a relaxing atmosphere. So, what is the answer for hotel security that needs to balance customer experience with possible threats?

The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel at night.

The Problem with Manned Security

Undoubtedly, guards are reliable assets for any hotel security manager. In most instances they will be permanently stationed at one hotel and will know a hotel and its staff well. However, in the majority of cases security guards will not be licensed or permitted to carry concealed firearms. This could be due to the laws of the country, or in some cases the policy of a hotel group.

For all the benefits of manned security, in a situation with armed assailants, they act as little more than deterrent. Despite being professionally trained there is a high chance they could get hurt or even killed. Furthermore, limiting hotel security to unarmed personnel creates a false sense of security for both the hotel and guests.

Discreet and Luxurious

Physical security, e.g., secure doors, has long been a solution for hotels. However, especially in the case of luxury hotels, there is often the fear physical security will diminish the guests’ experience. When booking a room or suite, no one wants to feel as if they are in a prison.

It is a common misconception that physical security needs to be bulky and invasive. In fact, it can be discreet and actually enhance a luxurious environment.

Whether, it be a conference room, the main entrance into a lobby, or an internal boutique, physical security can often provide the optimal solution for a luxury hotel.

Hotel Security: Why Choose Warrior Doors

At Warrior Doors, we have been designing high security doors for luxury clients for over 20 years. The physical security doors and solutions we create discreetly add to their business’ ambience while enhancing their security.

Using a combination of premium grade stainless-steel and specialist security glazing, our solutions maximise light and aesthetics without compromising security. Our doors are independently tested and accredited by LPCB at BRE up to LPS 1175 SR4. In addition, we have achieved ballistic rating certification for our doors.

We are the ideal partners to plan, design and build bespoke physical security solutions for a luxury hotel. Whether it be a secure airlock style entrance, or a behind the scenes safe room door, we can create discreet and luxurious solutions to keep people safe.

render of a sliding interlock door in a luxury hotel lobby
render of a sliding interlock door in a luxury hotel lobby

If you would like to learn more about our solutions suitable for hotel security, please email our team on [email protected]. Alternatively, call us today on 0121 706 8400.

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