National Home Security Month: Protect What Matters Most

October is National Home Security Month. Home Security is something that we at Warrior Doors are very passionate about. We all want to protect our homes and their contents from burglary or break-ins however for many people in the UK their home security is not in their hands it is in the hands of their housing association, local authority or private landlord.

The Concerns

Communal housing blocks are victims of more than just burglary. Often, the unwanted visitors won’t attempt to break into the individual homes they stay within the hallways or communal spaces. These people are often under the influence of drugs or alcohol and we have seen cases of used needles left in hallways, human faeces on the floor and walls, vomit and cigarette butts inside these blocks. It has been reported of people waking up early to take their young children to school having to step over these things if not the unwanted guest themself passed out on the floor. This doesn’t leave tenants feeling safe in their homes and puts them at real risk when they need to use the hallways or communal areas to go somewhere.

Unwanted intruders can be very dangerous, we were called to secure a block after a woman was chased into the lobby by a violent ex-partner wielding a knife, she just made it to her front door and closed it behind her but it could have been a very different story. Weak security on external doors and windows allows anyone to enter the building. You wouldn’t want that in your home so why do those in communal blocks so often have to face these challenges?

How Warrior Doors Can Help

At Warrior Doors we frequently witness the positive impact our Communal Entrances have on communities. This is largely through reductions in crime at their premises, as well as an increase in quality of life. Manufactured from high quality stainless steel, our communal entrance doors and solutions are perfect for securing buildings from vandalism, break-ins and other anti-social behaviour.

Our communal housing products are certified to LPS 2081 SRB and are Secured By Design accredited which means that we have rigorously tested them and we know that they are able to withstand an attack. That is why in over 20 years of business no Warrior Door has ever been removed or replaced. To learn more about LPS 2081 SRB visit our webinars page and sign up for our free security webinar Communal Doors: More than Just Security.

The hashtag for this month is #ProtectWhatMattersMost and we think that you should action that in your own life as well as protecting what matters most to your tenants.

fully glazed communal entrance door

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