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Warrior Doors supporting ASB Week

Its ASB Week and this is an issue that we at Warrior Doors are very passionate about, but not only for this week, but for the other 51 weeks of the year. Everyone wants to protect their homes and contents from burglary or break-ins however for many people in the UK their home security is not in their hands it is in the hands of their housing association, local authority, or private landlord.

New guidelines were released by the government this week in an effort to get more individuals to speak out against anti-social behaviour and contribute to safer communities.

In communal housing areas, theft is not the only crime committed. The unwelcome visitors frequently don’t try to break into the private residences; instead, they hang out in the hallways or communal areas.

We have observed examples of used needles left in hallways, human faeces on the floor and walls, vomit, and cigarette butts within these buildings because these people are frequently under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Tenants are no longer able to feel secure in their houses as a result, and when they need to enter the corridors or public spaces to get anywhere, they are put in grave danger.

Poor security on external doors allows anyone to enter the building. Why are residents of shared buildings subjected to these difficulties so frequently while you wouldn’t want that in your home?

How Warrior Can Help

Without question our Communal Entrances have huge impact on communities. This is primarily due to decreases in crime on their property and an improvement in quality of life.

It’s hardly surprising that people like to live in attractive buildings. However, we have observed that with some security products, aesthetics are disregarded, and suddenly a beautifully designed building begins to resemble a fortress.

Manufactured from high quality stainless-steel our fully glazed doors are welcoming and allow for a flow of natural light. Warrior communal entrance doors, bin store doors, plant room doors and bike store doors are perfect for securing buildings from vandalism, break-ins and other anti-social behaviour.

Grant & Funding Opportunities

Did you know that funding is available for initiatives that help combat anti-social behaviour?  Local authorities can apply for investment in initiatives that have been proven to prevent neighbourhood crime. Warrior Doors Technical Security Advisor Simon Cham has a wealth of knowledge in this area and can assist with applications. Contact Simon via email at [email protected] for further information.

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