How is the Rise of Terrorism Impacting the Physical Security Market?

The rise of terrorism over the past few years has struck fear in us, with attacks on almost a weekly basis around the world.

Such threats grow the anxiety and concern of the average person about their country’s safety. How we can prevent such events is hard to say, especially with attacks being so erratic.

The Physical Security Realm: Today’s Landscape

The Physical Security realm relates to both the physical and electronic means to protect both objects and people. It refers to limiting access and the chance of tampering from those who seek to do harm.

To date, the physical security market has shown a lot of growth since the threats have risen.

For official bodies abroad, state of the art CCTV, access control and alarm systems have been obtained.

In public places where large groups gather – that may serve as terrorist targets -, there have been upgrades in infrastructure, as well as the extent of CCTV.

Lastly, there have been increased rates of adoption for new tech, e.g. drones. 

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The Physical Security Market: Set to Grow

Market Research has shown that the physical security market is looking set to expand 5.2% CAGR until 2025 (Nasdaq 2020); this growth won’t only continue to see interest within the traditional mediums, but will also look to safety from new threats.

Much of the growth that has been predicted is related to the use of tech, specifically within the hardware, software and services that aim to protect against the threat of terrorism.

Such hardware spans intrusion detection and prevention, access control systems, and other security tools which include visitor management and safety.

The realm of software then includes PSIM (physical security information management) and management analysis and modelling software.

Furthermore, the area of services includes SaaS, remote management services, tech support, public safety answering point, security consulting and public alert.

A Core Issue to Overcome

Terrorism continues to prove to be an erratic threat and is one that must be thought about by all.

However, whilst the physical security realm expands, and be aided by tech, the fact remains that there is no one solution.

Therefore, every user case will require a unique solution – weak links strengthened and security features well integrated into existing infrastructure. 

Why Choose Us?

National and international security is currently under scrutiny as the threat from terrorist groups is one that is becoming more present. Therefore all security companies need to be on point to help Governments and businesses tackle this problem with their expertise.

At Warrior Doors we are market leaders in bespoke security doors and solutions, from Communal Entrances to High Value Retail and much more.

Ultimately our goal is to protect people and their livelihoods. We have over 20 years of experience doing just this, and challenge ourselves everyday to provide further value to keep our customers safe. 

To find out how we can help please call us on 0121 706 8400. Alternatively, email us at [email protected]

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