Warrior Heritage: Designing Out Crime But Never Character

In the UK there are over 460,000 listed buildings, around 91.7% of these are Grade II.  They hold thousands of years of British history making them the ideal place to sell heritage jewellery. For many nothing says luxury quite like purchasing a Georgian cut emerald inside a listed building.

Although these buildings seem like the ideal spot they are not built to withstand the crime of today. Thieves are using vehicles and tools that were not considered when these buildings were constructed. Modern security solutions are required for all High Value Retail and Jewellery stores however most of these solutions look modern and would affect the character of the building. For listed buildings this means that you wouldn’t get the permissions to install them consequently, putting your lives and livelihoods at risk.

What is Warrior Heritage?

At Warrior Doors we care about protecting the character of these buildings as much as we care about protecting our customers. That is why we have created Warrior Heritage. Warrior Heritage aims to replicate or match the character of the existing door & shop front while providing a modern level of security. This helps you to get the permissions that you need to secure your store and stock as well as maintaining the classic architecture and history.

Like all of our products, these solutions are built to last as long as the building they are installed into. So once you’re secured you won’t need to worry about getting those permissions again.

Warrior Heritage Logo

Getting the Most out of Your Display

Many listed buildings that are now High Value Retail and Jewellery Shops were not originally built for that purpose. This means that display space may be minimal in some cases. We can work alongside you to maximise your display space to draw in more customers.

Our customers Platinum Jewellery had this issue. They were looking for a heritage solution that maximises their display space. Through the installation of a bespoke interlocking door system, we were able to provide them with an extra 2.5 metres of display space while also keeping that heritage feel.

wood effect heritage shopfront on Platinum Jewellery in Mayfair, London.

Adding Character to Newer Buildings

Warrior Heritage solutions are not only for listed or historic buildings. They are a design option for all of our customers. The design of your shop front is your way to show your existing and potential customers who you are. This is why we offer a range of design options so that your business can stand out.

Take a look at the infographic below on how the colour of your door reflects the aesthetics of your store.

If you would like to see our range of High Value Retail solutions click here.

Alternatively, If you would like to speak to a member of our team about Warrior Heritage or how we can help you please email us at [email protected] or call at 0121 706 8400

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