Museum & Gallery Security: Protecting the Treasures of our Past

When exhibiting art pieces or artefacts, making sure that they are accessible to the public is of course a priority. However, the museum and gallery security landscape for this reason is a complex proposition for museum and gallery security managers.

Gallery and museum heists often seem to exist only as the subject of Hollywood thrillers. However, in reality they are more common than some may think.

Fully Glazed High Security Warrior Swing Door at Wordsworth Museum

Dresden Green Vault Robbery

The news coming out of Germany on Monday 25th November, 2020 that the Dresden Green Vault had suffered a brutal robbery sent shockwaves through the art and heritage world.

Unquestionably the theft of famed artworks or objects results in the devastating loss of key cultural items. Furthermore, it leaves significant reputational damage for curators and institutions.

Therefore balancing the need for a high level of security with transparent and accessible public exhibits results in conflicting priorities.

However, hiding art and artefacts away behind high levels of security does not lend itself to an enjoyable viewing experience. Whereas stripping back security to the extent that items are at risk of theft is a quandary for heritage institutions. Overall it is clear that galleries and museums need to start rethinking their security strategy.

Why Warrior Doors?

Having worked with some of the most respected museums in the UK, Warrior Doors have significant experience in this sector. As a result we have created bespoke solutions to keep valuable items secure and on display.

Our team have experience working on technically demanding projects both in the UK and internationally. In addition, as a company we have had our doors and products rigorously tested and certified up to LPS 1175 SR4 by BRE Global.

You can get a flavour of what we can achieve by visiting our Critical Infrastructure page here.

Warrior High Security Display Case at the Victoria & Albert Museum

For a discreet and confidential conversation to discuss your security needs, please call us on 0121 706 8400. Alternatively, email us at [email protected] and our team will get back to you.

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