Auto-Operated Swing & Sliding Doors

We design our Auto-Operated Swing & Sliding Doors with both access and security in mind. 

Through the years we have had to consistently weigh up the security benefits of our doors in addition to their functionality for users. We design our auto-operated solutions, like all of our communal entrances, to deter criminals and stand up to anti-social behaviour.

Auto-Operated Doors allow users to enter and exit a building without having to physically push, pull or touch a door. This is a great advantage, especially when it comes to elderly people or those with mobility issues.

We offer our Auto-Operated Swing & Sliding Doors with maximum glazing. Not only does this provide optimal lighting, but also natural surveillance for those entering and exiting the building. As a result users can see who is the other side of a door before going through it.

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Ral Colours Logo

RAL Colours Available

We offer options of polished stainless-steel or any available RAL colour powder coating to ensure your door matches your premises. 

Built to your requirements logo

Built to your Requirements

We design with you in mind. Every door we manufacture is bespoke and made to measure.

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Warrior Heritage

We are able to design security doors that don’t affect the look or feel of classic architecture. We aim to design out crime, but never character.

Security & Features

Like all of our communal entrances, we build the frames of our auto-operated doors with high quality stainless-steel. We typically fit them with anti-bandit security glazing which is the appropriate solution for securing most communal entrances. They feature the same secure locking options as our other communal entrances.

We mount a robust Swiss made auto-operator (which powers the doors) at its head internally. It is securely cased to stop tampering. Additionally this means the operator is out of reach of anyone who might vandalize it, or try to get in.

As an exit solution we can either fit a push to exit button (PTE) or an infrared handsfree sensor. We fit both internally, with the infrared sensor providing a great option to avoid users picking up viruses (e.g. Covid-19) and germs through physical contact.

Our Auto-Operated Swing & Sliding Doors are certified by our testing partner LPCB at BRE as well as being approved and listed by Secured By Design.

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