Swing Doors

At Warrior Doors, we build all of our doors with our company motto in mind – More than Just a Door. Our communal entrance Swing Doors are the embodiment of that statement.

Over the years, we have been at the forefront of designing out crime with our communal entrances. We build our Swing Doors specifically to do just that.

We design our Swing Doors to combat the threat and impact of anti-social behaviour and criminality. Our Swing Doors are an ideal secure entrance solution for residential apartments, social housing, schools, churches and much more.

We witness countless occasions where swing doors are built and installed poorly by another company. Those doors general failing in less than 2 years. Every swing door, and all our communal entrances, designed and built by Warrior Doors in over 20 years are still in place. Importantly, none have ever failed. 

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Ral Colours Logo

RAL Colours Available

We offer options of polished stainless-steel or any available RAL colour powder coating to ensure your door matches your premises. 

Built to your requirements logo

Built to your Requirements

We design with you in mind. Every door we manufacture is bespoke and made to measure.

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Warrior Heritage

We are able to design security doors that don’t affect the look or feel of classic architecture. We aim to design out crime, but never character.

Security & Features

Communal entrance Swing Doors, like all of our products, are made to measure, with the frames manufactured from high-quality stainless steel. We use stainless-steel as it is an incredibly durable material which does not suffer the effects of rusting.

We typically fit our Swing Doors with anti-bandit security glazing, which provides both optimal light and natural surveillance for residents, or the occupants of a building.

Securing our Swing Doors with 2 horizontally fitted mag-locks provides the necessary amount of security for a lower cost. We can also add an optional shear lock.

Fitting our custom full-length hinges spreads the weight of the door as we know that door frames can often be heavy for users. We also add an easy to grasp pull knob handle for ease of access.

Our Swing Doors are approved and listed with Secured by Design, as well as tested and certified by LPCB at BRE.

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