Additional High Security Solutions

We understand for Jewellers and luxury stores that aside from the entrance and shopfront of their premises that there are other key touch points that are vulnerable to robbery. With this in mind we have designed several Additional High Security Solutions to allow high value retailers to maximize their physical security.

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Five Warrior Display Cases with watches inside built into a wooden wall in a Jewellery Store.

Security Cabinets

Our Security Cabinets are an ideal solution to showcase exclusive marquee items, or to highlight a specific valuable display.

Security Cabinets are built to guard against the threat of smash and grab robberies. Especially from criminals who may have gained access to inside a store. 

We build our Security Cabinets’ frames from high quality stainless-steel. They are also fitted with a specialist polycarbonate glazing. The same materials as featured in our range of high security doors. Store interiors, even with security, need to look great for customers. With that in mind we are able to design and furnish them in keeping with the luxury aesthetic of a store.

 The contents of a secure cabinet are only accessible via a secure fob. The fob unlocks the cabinet and lifts up the glazing screen. 


In some cases, the threat to Jewellers and luxury retailers may not come from the front of the store. Or initially, even inside it. The fence or walls that surround a store may lead into an open space, thus making it vulnerable to intruders. Robbers may choose to target these by climbing over to gain access.  

As a result  we choose install Rollems on either a wall or fence. This disables anyone from getting over and breaking in. Instead of causing injury, as barbed wire can, Rollems when grabbed spin around making it impossible to effectively grip on and scale.

At Warrior Doors we design and build our secure Rollems as a smart alternative to barbed wire. Furthermore, they can be powder coated to fit in with the aesthetic of a store. Barbed wire looks unwelcoming to customers and does not enhance or compliment a store’s appearance. 

Warrior Anti-Climb Rollems on top of a wall at a Communal Residential Building
White Bar Sets over a window in a white room with a plant.

Bar Sets

Most luxury stores will either have an office or administration room at the rear of their premises. Perhaps it is even elsewhere in the building. Although valuable items may not be kept in these rooms, they are often weak spots in a store’s overall security strategy. As they are offices, there most likely will a window for light, therefore providing criminals with another access point.

As this is the case we are able to design and build stainless-steel Bar Sets to fit over a window. Of course, the window can be surely glazed using the same specialist polycarbonate glass we used in our doors. However, a bar set also provides an extra layer of security for staff who may work in that room.

Typically these rooms are not customer facing, therefore a bar set is a solution where aesthetics are less of a concern.


Ral Colours Logo

RAL Colours Available

We offer options of polished stainless-steel or any available RAL colour powder coating to ensure your door matches your premises. 

Built to your requirements logo

Built to your Requirements

We design with you in mind. Every door we manufacture is bespoke and made to measure.

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Warrior Heritage

We are able to design security doors that don’t affect the look or feel of classic architecture. We aim to design out crime, but never character.

Bespoke Security

Although we have our range of High Value Retail products and solutions, we understand that sometimes there is a need for a truly bespoke solution. 

Our in-house drawing office is staffed with experienced Technical Designers. They each have years of real world experience working on high profile security projects. We are able to utilize that collective expertise to design and build a new product from scratch.

Are you interested in any of our Additional High Security Solutions? Perhaps you would like to discuss a unique security issue with us? If so, please call us on 0121 706 8400.