Sliding Doors

Our Sliding Doors are a great option for Jewellers and high value retailers in shopping districts with high footfall. Sliding Doors enable businesses to safely let customers enter and exit their store without touching the door. In time of Covid-19 and pandemics this is a real bonus. Sliding Doors are a fully glazed Warrior Doors high-security solution. The specialist glazing provides staff with a key tool to see who is trying to come into their store.

We build our high security Sliding Doors with a robust stainless-frame. Specially sourced protective glazing maximizes a store’s security without compromising on light or aesthetics. 

Sliding Doors are built by us to to keep our clients’ stock, staff and customers safe and secure. 

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Ral Colours Logo

RAL Colours Available

We offer options of polished stainless-steel or any available RAL colour powder coating to ensure your door matches your premises. 

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Built to your Requirements

We design with you in mind. Every door we manufacture is bespoke and made to measure.

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Warrior Heritage

We are able to design security doors that don’t affect the look or feel of classic architecture. We aim to design out crime, but never character.

Security & Features

Due to its sleek frontage, by design there are no handles, or features, that stick out for armed criminals to try and prise open or attempt to climb into a Jewellers or luxury store.

High Security Sliding Doors can be installed as a pair, creating an Interlocking Doors system. A system such as this provides staff and customers with an extra layer of security and prevents the threat of tailgating.

Combining 2 Sliding Doors allows for a narrower Interlocking Doors system, therefore, saving floor space. Installing hinged doors instead means there needs to be space for it to swing open.

A World First

LPCB at BRE have tested our Sliding Doors, and as a result certified them. They are currently the only glazed high-security door certified up to LPS 1175 SR3. Furthermore, Secured by Design approve and list them.

A Swiss made auto-operator powers our the doors open and shut. Staff at the store are able to open or close the door from afar via secure fobs. Alternatively,  a discreet button can be installed behind the counter.

The auto-operator is housed in special casing and is secure from tampering. A deadbolt lock is also fitted to the doors to maximize security, which can be used when the store is closed.  

An Accessible Security Solution

As well as being secure, our high security Sliding Doors are also a perfect accessibility option. 

Customers with mobility issues, or those who might struggle to open a heavy hinged door, will not have to physically open it. They can simply walk through when permitted by shop staff.

Finally, in the age of Covid-19 and pandemic Sliding Doors are perfect for customers looking to avoid touching surfaces. Through being steamed or wiped down it is easy to keep them hygienic for staff and customers.

Enquire About Our Sliding Doors

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