Sliding Doors: Secure & Contactless Entrances

Lockdown has finally eased, and your customers have returned. However, are you and your store prepared for any potential future pandemics? Even if the answer is currently no, contactless entrances are something you will need to get your head around. Furthermore, we are here to help you do so.

At Warrior Doors, we have been designing out security threats for over 20 years with our security doors and products.

Now in the age of COVID-19, we are able to offer a secure solution to safeguard both you and your customers.

Secure Contactless Entrances

Our high security Sliding Doors provide an ideal secure contactless entrance for customers and staff. When they approach the entrance to your store they will not have to touch any surfaces to gain access. As a result they are able to avoid picking up viruses and germs through direct contact with your door.

Controlling a high security Sliding Door is simple. Through a discreetly placed button behind your counter, or via secure fobs, you and your team are always in control.

Our system enables you to manage, and therefore control, the number of people in your store at any one time. As a result you will be able to effectively monitor the number of people inside. Therefore ensuring you keep control of social distancing.

A photo of a Warrior Shopfront.
Warrior Fully Glazed Interlocking Doors with a Swing Door & Sliding Door Combination
Red Magnifying Glass

Did You Know...

Our Sliding Doors can also be installed as a pair. As a result making up an Interlocking Doors system. This provides your store with second layer of defence and guards against the threat of tailgating criminals.

They are currently the highest certified fully glazed sliding security door on the market. Tested and certified by LPCB at BRE up to LPS 1175 SR3.

Built to Last. Built to Impress

We build our Sliding Doors with a robust stainless-steel frame, and fit them with specialist security glazing. As a result maximizing your store’s security without compromising on light or aesthetics. At Warrior Doors we design our security products to reduce threats and to blend in with your store. In addition we offer options of polished stainless-steel or any available RAL colour powder coating finishes to make your door and store really stand out.

If you have any questions or would like more information please call our team today on 0121 706 8400. Alternatively, email us on [email protected].

Photo of a Warrior Interlocking Door from the inside of a jewellery shop.Warrior Fully Glazed Interlocking Sliding Doors from the inside of Lister Horsfall

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