Safe Room Doors: An Extra Layer of Security

Even if you have invested in security doors for the entrance to your premises, there is always a chance criminals could trick their way inside. Therefore, putting you, your staff and your customers in immediate danger. Here is why a safe room offers you an extra layer of security.

At best the experience of violent criminals entering your premises will be traumatic. Conversely, in the worst case somebody could get hurt or even killed.

A safe room secured behind by one of our Safe Room Doors provides a secure space to flee to in the event of a robbery.

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Warrior Full Stainless Steel Safe Room Door
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Specifically having a space where you can keep your people safe and secure is a priority. Knowing that its door is robustly secured will therefore enable you to stay safe and act calmly as you contact the police.

We can design our Safe Room Doors to be either fully-glazed, solid stainless-steel or a combination of the two. In all instances we would especially recommend buying a door with a secure vision panel. 

Our High Value Retail Swing Doors act as a foundation, but with some additional modifications. However, we do not fit a door closer as the door must remain open. Additionally, you can also choose to have a full width horizontal D handle fitted to increase the speed in which you close the door behind you.

Alongside its strong and secure framework, a variety of secure locking options can be installed to provide you with optimal security. Furthermore, our locking options are easy for you to use. For instance, they can be set to deadlock automatically, or can be easily locked by quickly throwing thumb turns when pulling the door shut.

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Warrior Fully Glazed Safe Room Door behind a Jewellery Shop counter

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