LPS 2081 SRB Certified Security Doors

SRB 25%

In the heart of our communities, the quiet streets of social housing often become targets for stealthy intruders. Our SRB rated security doors, certified to LPS 2081, are the guardians against these threats, aligning with Secured by Design principles. They’re designed to thwart break-ins when intruders are using the means of stealth, offering peace of mind to tenants seeking safety in their homes.

Bespoke Made-to-Measure Fit for Purpose

High-footfall Locations

Ideal for high footfall locations like schools and apartment buildings, offering increased durability against heavy use and vandalism.

Access Control Integration

Integrates seamlessly with existing or new access control systems, including keypads and security alarms.

Bespoke Design

Options include glazing, solid, and punched louvres for various applications like bike storage, bin store, plant rooms and more.

RAL Colours Available

We offer options of polished stainless-steel or any available RAL colour powder coated to ensure your door matches your premises.

Swing Doors

SRB rated Swing door
Glass panel, open in/out

SRB rated Swing door
Solid panel, open in/out

SRB rated Swing door
Punched Louvre, open in/out

SRB rated Swing door
open in/out, Glazed Combination frame
infill panels and sizes customisable

SRB rated Swing door
open in/out, Solid Combination frame
infill panels and sizes customisable

SRB rated Swing door
open in/out, louvred Combination frame
infill panels and sizes customisable

Sliding Doors

SRB rated Fully glazed sliding doors

SRB rated Solid panel sliding doors


Absolutely, we specialise in Auto-Operated Swing & Sliding Doors. These doors are not only certified by our testing partner LPCB at BRE but also boast approval from Secured By Design. They offer effortless entry and exit without physical contact, a feature especially beneficial for the elderly and those with mobility challenges. Additionally, our Mobility Scooter Room Doors provide theft protection and easy access, ensuring both security and convenience.

External bike stands, despite being locked, are vulnerable to theft. Our robust and secure Bike Store Doors are designed to safeguard bicycles within a designated bike room, offering peace of mind and protection against theft, thereby saving cyclists from potential losses.

At Warrior Doors, we understand the complications arising from unsecured communal waste areas. Issues range from littering, arson to providing unintentional shelter for the homeless. Our secure Bin Store Doors offer an ideal solution to these challenges, ensuring a safe, clean, and secure environment for waste storage.

Plant rooms, crucial in any apartment block, business, or organisation, require high-level security due to the mechanical equipment they house. Our Plant Room Doors are specifically crafted to provide this essential security, safeguarding these critical spaces from unauthorised access and potential risks.

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Our LPS certified security doors and products which you see are tested and accredited by LPCB at BREYou can find further downloads on our downloads page

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